What is an Executive Performance Coach?

Executive Performance Coach

Executive performance coaching is a pathway toward unlocking maximum potential for work-related achievements.


Executive Performance Coaching

The first thing to mention when discussing Executive Performance Coaching is that coaching is *NOT* counseling. Coaching is work-related and goal oriented. It does not deal with personal beliefs or core values. It is strictly centered around maximizing one’s potential at work.

iPerformance Coach Methodology

The methodology used at iPerformance Coach is meditation derived. The first step is to identify fear, doubt and limitation. The second step is to process these blockages through deep conversations and intense mental exercises. The third step is consists of rebuilding the subconscious mind through powerful meditations. The final step of the cycle is to charge forward! However, these steps are repeated over and over again until the goal has been achieved, fine tuning the approach along the way. It is the practice of these exercises that cultivates maximum performance. As you gain confidence, your path becomes crystal clear!

How to Book

Booking is easy and sessions can be completed from anywhere in the world. If you do not reside in Sarasota, Florida, sessions will be completed via the Zoom platform. If you do reside in Sarasota, Florida you can choose to complete sessions remotely or come into my private office.

Are Your Ready?


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